Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Miracles in My Garden: Animals Guests

I was taking pictures in my garden of tree mallow in blossom

wild grapes leaves

and  sun rays over the apple tree and all of a sudden I saw a

squirrel jumping from one fruit tree to another to the bushes of hazelnut.

Where did it come from? Who knows. We have plenty of squirrels in parks. Apparently it came to explore a new territory.

Several years ago I brought hazelnut seedlings from the nearest forest, 300 m from my house.

They grew up very quickly and give plenty of nuts every year.

As a matter of fact I have many different animals and birds as guests in the garden.

Every morning, when I have coffee in the garden, there comes a magpie. It tells something in a loud voice.

Also a couple of black starlings lives somewhere close and comes to find their worms in green grass. They wanted to make a home in a birdhouse, but my red cat would hunt for them.

Furthermore, several robins spend their days among the fruit trees, producing much noise everyday.

Once  in a while there comes a woodpecker to the apricot tree. But each time I approach it with camera, it flies away.

Once in several years there appear beautiful dogs from nowhere.

This fearless Alsatian travelled with me in the mountains.

Some days ago my dog found a hedgehog under the cherry tree.

Both the kitten and the dog were much excited about the visitor.

The dog would bark and sat near the hedgehog almost all night.

You see its black nose over the hedgehog, alone.

The kitten like all kids lost interest in the hedgehog rather quickly and went to sleep in its favorite place.

What animals and birds come to your place?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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