Saturday, August 23, 2014

Alternative to Ego and Self

‘Ego’ and ‘Self’ are often used as synonyms. Actually, there is nothing wrong with them. They underline our uniqueness and individuality as opposed to other people. More than that, they defend us from somebody else’s attacks and influence. You love Yourself, you enjoy your success and gains, you admire Yourself and are proud of your achievements. (And nobody knows your talents, because you are closed, as there is no one better in the the world than you).

You demonstrate Yourself and your skills for others to see and value them. In other words, you continue to show Yourself  and prove how good you are… the way you did in your childhood, right?

The other ‘Selves’ compare themselves with yours and compete with you… A very nice repeated circle in the game: “Who is better here?”

When you lose in this game. i.e. there appears somebody better than you, your Ego makes you feel awful.

The worse you feel about Yourself, the more your Ego is able to persuade you into traps - be that disappointment, fear, guilt, judgment, victimhood, control, drama, blame, sabotage, superiority / inferiority, etc.

Your Ego is constantly demanding. It eats your attention, by talking to you. It makes you drink alcohol and boast. In other words, it controls your life.

More than that, it spoils your lovely relationships. The Ego is mighty resistant of love... Formed at the earlier period of your life, the Ego has no flexibility. It certainly allows you to have sex, but in a primitive way, as Ego notices only itself (‘I was great in bed with her’, it tells). That is why egoistic people are poor lovers and do not bother to deliver wonderful sensations to their partners.

You may ask: can this primitive and commanding Ego be terminated? Or, what is the alternative to Self-love-centered-way of life?

Yes! You can create your highest being. We all know the term ‘human’being’.

It can be done out of your intent and overgrow your Ego.

To be continued…

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