Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How Often Do You Feel Happy?

Tell me, how often did you smile happily yesterday? Did you feel happy in the morning, daytime or evening? How about this morning?

Who makes you happy? ...Even in memory…

What makes you happy?

Alcohol does not give happiness, only people and several things you love…

When you are happy, you smile and look dreamy. It is clearly visible by others.

When you are happy, nothing disturbs you. The obstacles and silly people seem funny and unimportant.

You feel flying…

Did you make somebody happy today?

“You know that you are able to receive happiness by giving happiness. That is the only way to experience happiness. You can’t give others happiness when you are experiencing unhappiness, which makes you even more unhappy. That is why you want to get out of a rut as soon as possible, and find things to feel happy about, so that you can express happiness to others as well.” Enoch Tan

Natalia Levis-Fox

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