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Human Warmth, Where to Find?

One of the most popular topics in my blog is ‘human warmth’ after anorexia(!). The thin girls would never be sick with anorexia, if they experienced warmth, i.e. kindness, fondness, support and understanding in their earlier years with parents.

Where to find human warmth if nobody treats you with gentleness, love and tenderness you need? What if instead of kindness you face false cold smiles and fake sympathy?

You may create and develop the quality of kindness and sympathy by yourself, in the world of competition, money and career chase, demands and etc.


Just sit alone in the place where nobody would disturb you. If you are ready to be the single compassionate and warm person in your environments without expectations to get the same kindness in return, we will start with you.

Kindness, gentleness and warmth are the most normal qualities of our human nature. When you possess and give them to others, then some sweet substance will appear in your body and skin.

1. The process of human warmth creation begins with your own conscious decision ‘to be a hearted, amiable and warm man/woman’. Just say it out loud. The moment you do it, the substance will appear, by marvels!

2. Set the intent to be always human, kind, warm and loving, by just saying it out loud: “I intend to be always kind, (the whole list)… Find as many words in all languages you speak, as you can. Pronounce them all.

You will be using the phrase:
“I express warmth, kindness, love, compassion … etc”

in the processes below.


Gene Expression & Loving Smile

By using this speech pattern “I express…” with genuine emotion, we start the process of expressing those substances, which we personally mean in blood, saliva, brain and body tissues. Apparently there begins a process similar to gene expression.

Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene  is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. These products are often proteins, but in non-protein coding genes such asribosomal RNA (rRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA) or small nuclear RNA (snRNA) genes, the product is a functional RNA. The process of gene expression is used by all known life - eukaryotes  - to generate the macromolecular machinery for life.

Gene expression

Visualisation of large-scale gene expression studies, such as those carried out using DNA chip systems, to form a clustered gene expression network. Each dot represents a gene, and links between dots occur where there is a certain level of correlation between their expression patterns. Genes with very similar expression profiles link to many other dots and form clusters shown in the same colour. The clusters are 3-dimensional with larger dots existing in the foreground space and smaller ones further away.

Learning and Memory:
Controlled Gene Expression in the Nervous System

When you feel caring or love for someone or something, you smile and this smile is flowing down through your body. …“Taoist sages say that when you smile, your organs release a honey-like secretion which nourishes the whole body.” (Chia, 1985, p 33). Modern research backs up the powerful effects of smiling and laughing, as described by Norman Cousins in his account of curing illness by their use (Cousins, 1989). Imagining the smile flowing down through your body is in itself likely to promote relaxation and healing.

Remembering a time when you felt caring has a particularly powerful healing effect. Dr David C. McClelland and Carol Kirshnit of Boston University has published a study which clearly explains much of the effect of the Inner Smile (McClelland and Kirshnit, 1988, p 31-52). In this research, subjects are shown a variety of movies, and their level of Immunoglobulin A (the first line of defence against viruses and other pathogens) is monitored before and after. Gardening films and political propaganda have no effect, but a film of Mother Teresa caring for people in Calcutta caused a sharp rise in levels of the immune chemical. Interestingly, many of the subjects in this study, when questioned after, said that they did not approve of Mother Teresa and doubted the genuineness of her work. But their bodies didn’t mind. Their immunity level rose anyway. The fact that they had held the visual images of caring in their mind was more important than the theories they considered about it. In the same way, you don’t need to believe in the Inner Smile for it to work” (In Bolstad, 2001, pp 44-45).

Love and Kindness Creation Process

Firstly, we shall deal with your past.

Go and find your albums or just photographs of you as a child, with all your friends and people, who are still dear to you now. Express and send kindness, understanding, love or whatever you find as good to each person and  you - very young and inexperienced.

It is not pity you are sending, just love and understanding. You can do it with words or gestures, caressing people and yourself on the pictures with your hands. This process might raise the storm of emotions, tears, crying… but it is good. Even if some of your beloved people are no longer alive, express your warmth and gratitude for them; they are part of your past.

In case you have no pictures of people you want to thank or warm up, just write their names on paper. Talk to them, touching their written names with love. The effect is as strong as with photos. When you caress them even in the air with your hands, your entire body is involved. You blood, skin and nerve cells will be filling with sweet substance of wellness and health.

No alcohol will be good for this process, as you understand.  Just  stay sober and fresh. Cry as much as it needs.

Secondly, we shall deal with your present life.

1. You can use photos, even in your computer. Say good and warm words of fondness, support, sincere compliments to each person you like and value. They need it!

2. If you do not have their pictures, just write down their names and talk to each of them, caressing the written lines. It may happen so, that you did not dare to utter good and loving words in their presence. You can do it now! Somehow, your warmth will be delivered to them through loving you universe.

You may also imagine them being nearby or in front of you.  Caress the air – their visible or absolutely transparent image – with gentle words or loving movements. This very moment they would feel loved, happy, protected…no matter how far they are from you. It is the mystery, but fact.

It may turn out, that you have not a soul you would like to express your kindness or love. Just think of beaten, humiliated and starving kids somewhere in the world, who need to be loved, calmed, defended and caressed right now. You will immediately know what to do!

Thirdly, we shall deal with your future.

If you are not in love currently, think about qualities of a person you will meet or find in the nearest future. Express all love, gentleness and warmth to them the way you are already capable to do now. You will recognize that person by their qualities, not appearance.

In other words, you are loved and valued when you are very human…

This is it!

There are also such  incredible secrets, that you will be living and flying like me, without drugs and alcohol…gaining success in every area of life…

Life is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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