Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Kittens On the Night Dusty Road

Every Friday I take my Spanish dog to the small blue lake, where people go fishing and enjoy picnics.

This lake is situated several km from the river and beautiful valley where my dog rushing in the water

and wild fields.

In the evenings it is not very crowded and the sunset intensifies smells of water, wild fields, dusty air filled with mowed wheat. Hundreds of crickets sing their rhythmical songs, bats rush over your head; fish is jumping from water. The dog watches and frightens frogs, and he sniffs, sniffs and sniffs all around the territory.

This Friday we were coming home from the lake in absolute darkness, when all of a sudden car lights illuminated two tiny kittens, walking along the dusty road at night, alone…

Apparently, someone threw them away from their car, kilometers from the inhabited places. Can you think of a name to that bastard? Is he human? No woman would leave kittens alone, where foxes, wolves and feral dogs could eat kittens.

They were very friendly and brave. I took the kittens into the car and placed them under the front seat. They were sitting quietly, without a singe sound, though the dog was lying on the back seat.

At home they eat some cats food and played a little in the grass. The red kitten and me, liked each other from the first sight. It would get on my shoulder and purring, licked my cheek, ear and eyes.

I called it “Sunny” (“Solnyshko” in Russian) and decided to keep it. We are both red and enjoy each other’s company.

Both kittens made themselves comfortable on my lap and fell sleep.  

The next morning the kittens started to explore the territory of my garden.

When my dog and the cat woke up, they would express much interest to both kittens.

The kittens would keep together like fighters, back-to-back

and stuck together.

The dog would drive kittens to fruit trees, as if trying them.

At day time I took the tree colored kitten to the special market for pets. It would be given to somebody caring and loving. Only she-cats have this unusual coloring. They are very popular with people, as they bring luck, health and peace to their homes.

My Sunny has been washed with special shampoo and now it is wearing anti flea nice collar.

Do you know how kittens smell? They smell sun, home, comfort and happiness!

Maybe, I will write a short story for kids. My Smashwords Publisher will release it in September.

If you have your own stories about pets, send! They will be published in my blog.

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