Friday, October 17, 2014

Women: Three Types of Sexuality

Type One.   Common style very often met everywhere in most civilizations. Both right and left hemispheric women. Sex energy is sublimated into family life with high demands towards men (as husbands & fathers) and their own children. These women are romantic and do not bother with finding out knowledge about males’ real sexual nature and desires.

Their knowledge about love and lovely relationships is limited by their own views from adolescence (romantic books, films, stories). Highly moral, decent, critical, proud of themselves as professionals, homemakers, wives and mothers.  Sex energy is blocked by ban, taboo and shame on erotic pleasure and ‘dirty’ sex.

Often impose restrictions on frequent sex in family life, after they get the ‘right’ man with high social status and financial income as a husband.  In years, men in such families often suffer from heart attacks, problems with liver, gladder and prostate.

Type Two.  Gray & Clever women. Mostly left-hemispheric. Plain appearance. Live by their mind. Good at remembering facts, information and your mistakes.  Rich imagination. Their nature is poor with sex substance. This lack they compensate with imitation of passion and desire, often under alcohol. They are good students and make brilliant career. 

Sociable but inclined to make friends with secret intent to feel warm and experience emotions in the presence of right-hemispheric lucky and sexy people. Always want and need to produce good impression on others, men including.

Type Three. Naturally Sexy women. They were born sexy, nice, tender, healthy and friendly. You recognize them immediately, irrelevant to their figure, clothes, social position, nationality or appearance. Their natural sex energy is so strong and vibrating, that they never bother with somebody’s opinion about them. They have no need to wear masks as roles and play social games to flatter you just to get your attention. They choose only sexually strong males to satisfy their erotic desires.

For long-term relations and family, sexy women prefer men with super human qualities, generous as themselves. Being excellent mothers, sexy women become real friends to their children and respect their choice and freedom. They were born for interesting, high-quality life and hate boring routine. They never betray, but would honestly tell you their opinion about you. They never practice scandals.

In intimate relationships, they are shameless and would do whatever brings them the most intense sensations. Their partners never leave them, as they experience the same peaks of pleasure themselves. You will never win them with your usual sex-chasing cheap & primitive games. The challenge is to keep them wanting you and interested!

Life is sexy. It is waiting for you everywhere with pleasures at the ready…

Natalia Levis-Fox,

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