Monday, October 6, 2014

Why We Misunderstand Each Other

One of the reasons of our low quality of relationships is misinterpreting other people. Sometimes even a single word can separate loving each other people.

We use words and put into them our own meaning. The other side (the person we address our utterance) can misinterpret the meaning. As the result, people, friends, partners, lovers can separate or feel hurt.

The more we know about words and their meaning, the subtlest and more delicate we become.

We use words to describe our states and moods. The self-oriented person will never bother about the other human beings and their states, until he or she loves. Love unites people and this unity makes them understand the meaning of experience they share or have in common.

Let us take the words “flight” and “to fly” They are applicable not only to the physical process (to fly by plane), but also to the state of happiness it nits highest expression, i.e. delicate state.

If the balloonist says: “I am flying”, it means both: the flight itself and state.

If you never flied in balloon, you will never understand this person.

In balloon you are floating in the silent air,
filling you with sensation of peace, love and ecstasy.

If a racer of



says: “I am flying”, it means he enjoys speed and vibrations, close to sex orgasm.

If one person in a state of love says to another person of the opposite gender “I am flying”. It means that he or she is in the highest state of happiness, equal to flight. In this case, endorphins are released in their blood, head and body.  

If the medical expert in the sphere of addictions hears words “I am flying”, they immediately arrive at conclusion that this person is ‘under cocaine’.

If one of the sex partners (who are also are in love with each other) says: “I am flying”, the other would immediately synchronize physically; both would experience orgasmic ecstasy simultaneously.

If there is no genuine love between sex partners, as they are both or one of them is just interested in sex itself, there will be no ecstasy between them. “Sex flight” is impossible in this case.

I know that this information would enrich your knowledge about relationships, due to just  two words “to fly” and “flight”, by simple understanding and interpreting their meaning.

Part of Linguistics, which studies the meaning of words, phrases and texts, is called “Semantics”.

Some words like “flight” and “to fly” may contain the core of states and wonderful sensations on the conceptual level.

Having had experienced “flight’ in intimate relationships during kiss, erotic love and caressing even for a short time, you can imply this experience in the word. It can become the core meaning of ecstasy itself, starting the state as physical sensations of delight…

You can even encode these states through words into music and immediately enter these sensations physically.

Would you be seeking for better relationships?

So, what can we do to better understand people we like and care?

1. Recall and find out their key words they use while talking to you.

2. Use explanatory dictionary, describing meaning of words which your partner, friend, colleague, spouse, lover uses often

3. Ask that person to explain their own meaning of words, they use to express their states with you or attitudes.

You will be enlightened and blessed in the joy of mutual understanding and common super experience with fantastic sensations…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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