Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How Imagination Works for Your Success

If you are mastering some complex physical skill, be it skiing,


riding or driving,



there always appear doubts, fears or uncertainty in the beginning.

They rise from experience of past failures and our expectations of immediate results. Our past is an awful teacher. Actually, it destroys our best intents in the now.

The fact is, the most complex this skill is, the longer it takes to master it.  Systematic training secures special substances appearance in our bodies. It takes time. The more often we train, the more substances and smoothness appear.

To keep you moving forward and mastering, you must be sure, that your body is capable of any experience people have. If somebody managed it, then you CAN!

To keep you want to master physical skills, you must train it even in your imagination.

Below is a very useful exercise to prove, how your imagination and intent work for you, immediately.

Pointing to Success

1. Stand with feet slightly apart, and bring your left arm straight up in front of you, pointing directly ahead.  Now, keeping your feet still, turn your arm to the left pointing around as far as you can before the shoulder gets tight.  Look along your arm and notice exactly where on the wall your finger is pointing when the arm is tight.  Then turn back to the front, and put your arm by your side.

2. With your feet still in place, close your eyes and see your arm turning in your imagination.  See it going around much further than last time, the finger pointing 30-40 centimetres further round.  Feel what it feels like to flow round that easily and comfortably, and say to yourself in a delighted voice  "This is easy".

3. Now open your eyes and again point your arm out.  Go right ahead and see how easily you turn now.

4. This exercise gets you to use visual, auditory and kinesthetic imagination to "programme" a goal into your body.

Margot Hamblett & Dr Richard Bolstad. Pro-fusion: Creating A Life Of Abundance With Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energy Work. Transformations International,  2001. New Zealand.

Practice this exercise regularly, wonders and easiness come unexpectedly.

This is how winners live!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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