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Problems with Sleep: Nice Solutions

Suppose you have a comfortable and stylish bed.

You have chosen lovely linen and cover.

It is situated right according to the interior design requirements.

But, you do not sleep well! You are supposed to wake up fresh and happy. In reality, you don’t!

What can be done?

This is where Feng Shui comes into play.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept and set of techniques that is believed to create a harmonious and positive flow of energy (Chi) in you home and that helps you to overcome several problems of your life. It is believed to bring good health and good fortune to the practicing individual. It essentially comprises of arranging or re arranging the things surrounding you in your day-to-day life and encourages developing a positive frame of mind, which facilitates the beneficial flow of positive energy in one's life.

You do not have to be the master of this tradition. Nevertheless, you can easily improve the space of your home, and bedroom, in particular.

It may happen that your bed is standing along the wrong line of energy movement. Each of us has energy directions; 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable. If your office desk,


Favorite armchair,

are standing along the wrong energy lines, then we can have problems with sleep, health, lovely-erotic-relationships and work. These problems express themselves as

  • sleep disturbances
  • wellness disappearance
  • feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, loss of energy, etc.

Let us see what can change the situation for better.

Your personal directions based on date of birth.

The best way to begin Feng Shui is to determine the four most favorable corners of your home, office or an area of a room. These corners will be your luckiest; thus creating better chi (energy) in your environment. To determine which 4 corners/directions are your luckiest you need to know your Kua Number (also called Gua Number).

A Kua Number is calculated by the year of your birth and gender. It used to determine your four 'lucky corners' (your "Auspicious" [successful / favorable] directions) or 'unlucky corners' (your "Inauspicious" [unsuccessful / unfavorable] directions).

Take the year of your birth and sum up two last figures

Example: 1965

6 + 5= 11
1 + 1= 2 – (the single digit)

Take the single digit (2) and subtract it from 10.
10 - 2 = 8. The Kua number is  8.

Example: 1984

8 + 4  = 12
1 + 2 = 3
Take the single digit and add 5. Using the 1984 single number of 3;

3 + 5 = 8.
The Kua number is  8.
Here are the best number 8 directions

Number 8 Health Direction:  NORTHWEST
Enhance this location with metal objects or stone objects to give health a boost. Eat or work in this location when getting over an illness.

Number 8 Love Direction:  WEST

Enhance this area with small metal objects, round objects, or stone objects. Shiny and reflective items (small mirrors)  are especially helpful for stimulating romance. Decorate in colors of white, silver, or grays. Yellow are also helpful. Add a radio to this location to boost romance!

Number 8  Personal Growth Direction: NORTHEAST
In personal feng shui, the northeast is your growth and wisdom direction. Work in this location to improve your standing, study in this direction, and locate beneficial activities here, such as dining to improve all areas of life. Are you trying to start over from any kind of setback? If so, this is direction to face or be in. Add a beautiful vase here will help to capture beneficial chi!

How to Tap Your Auspicious Directions
  • Try to sleep, eat, work, or be in this sector of your home
  • Do as many activities as possible in this sector
  • Face this direction when working, eating, or sitting in your living room 
  • Sleep with the top of your head pointed in this direction
  • Number 8 unlucky directions: South, North, East, Southeast

So let us examine your directions in your bedroom.

1. Get the compass 

and define the four geographical directions in your bedroom

2. Find the direction of head, when you sleep in your bed

If you sleep with head to the East, and your Kua number is 8, then your body is situated along the most dangerous line for your health! No wonder, you may have sleep disorders

What can you do in this case?

Change the position of bed

according to your lucky and healthy direction: Northwest

Never use your notebook or any other Internet device in your bed. Its work destroys healthy energy for sleep and love-making

Line other pieces of furniture according to your 4 success directions.

Find out information about your Kua number and best directions in free Internet resources.

P.S. If nothing works for your relaxing sleep, change the partner (lover, spouse), as you might sleep with the wrong body and person.

Good luck in finding the best.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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