Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relationships: Opening Soul Words

Words are like keys.

The right words open soul and make people happy

As a proof and illustration, I want to give a short story.

Last weekend I took my dog to the mountains. You know how dogs explore unknown territories. Sometimes it is difficult to find them and have them back.

Very much like you, I give charming names to people, pets and things I love. So, I called my dog, using his very special name. All of a sudden, as a response from the balcony of a restaurant, there came an eager man’s voice: “I am here!” It was rather a cry, outburst of emotions of joy and happiness.

The man in his forties appeared within seconds, smiling with pleasure and kept telling: “I am here! You called me my favorite name!” His frightened wife appeared right after him. He did not bother with her presence. He told that nobody calls him this nice name. When my dog appeared and I started to caress its head and ears, the man signed out: “I wish I was in its place”.

Wonderful words open hearts and make people happy.

How do you call your beloved?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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