Monday, October 6, 2014

Caucasus: Touch of Autumn in the Valley of Springs

Yesterday I traveled to the Valley of Springs, situated close to Elbrus.

All around Elbrus and even farther, 80 km from it, there are plenty of mineral springs.

The Valley of Springs (‘narzans’ in local dialect) is situated only 60 km from my home.

The road itself is very beautiful, each season has its colors.

The way to the valley passes through Kislovodsk,

Spa resort

It had been built in the 19th century for Russian aristocracy

Kislovodsk, main mineral waters gallery

In the whole, this town is nice, green, clean

and very peaceful

40 km to the Valley of Springs passes on top of long plateau

The quality of the road is superb,

with plenty of curves, going up and down

So, you can experiment with speeding up and racing, 
with minimal use of breaks (if you are risky, of course)

This is how it looks in July.

At the times of communists ruling the country, this valley was a popular tourist center.

Now the place is abandoned,

Nobody dared to invest into its prosperity.

But the nature is beautiful.

This is one of the springs, sour by taste, with bubbles,

Sparkling and out pouring into the river

I took my Spanish dog in this trip, an ideal companion,

silent explorer, curious and friendly…

Our Earth is so beautiful; it is filling you with love and health

When you admire it.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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