Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do You Believe in the Worst?

Want to fly with your wings cut?

Do you believe in the worst?

Answer the question directly!

It means that when you encounter wonderful events, opportunities and people, there appears the urge to think worst outcomes about them or feel suspicious.

You may also feel inclined to think not good or worthy about yourself.

Is it true for you? Does it happen from time to time?

Then I have good news for you!

 It is not your habit. It is a foreign installation in your beautiful mind of a successful person. In other words, somebody else installed this mind strategy into you, young and inexperienced, many-many years ago. You had to believe at that time. Because nobody told you, that you are an amazing personality and young human-being.

Mind strategy is a succession of elements of experience. This is how it manifests itself automatically with believing in worse:

You think about smth or smb / recall the events → you feel horrible (uneasy, awful) about the whole situation → you start accusing (criticizing, reproaching) yourself or another person

If this strategy is the part of your experience, then you have every right to give it up! This habit or strategy originates from people who did not love you, i.e. from foreign source of information.

The stream from this unpleasant source of information disturbs you at nights and steals your attention, i.e. energy to enjoy something worthy.

What is worse, the results of this strategy spoil your happy life, relationships. It prevents you from actions!


When alone, say first aloud and then silently (in the inner speech mode):

“I … (your full name) recognize the existence of imposed by other people -
  the strategy of the worst outcomes –
in my mind and give it up together with its source,
 knowingly and willingly
in favor of my beautiful, brilliant and satisfying life.”

Say it as many times, as you need to feel good. And then forget about it. If you fail to forget, just start laughing at the stupidity of this ex-habit.

In our next articles, we shall speak about strategies with best outcomes and faith itself.

I adore you!
Natalia Levis-Fox,

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