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A Strategy of Success for Every Purpose under Heaven

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“Do You Believe in the Worst?”

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From Dr R. Bolstad’s book “Profusion…” (see References below)

The NLP developers have studied excellence in many different areas, to identify the strategies of success.  They learned the strategies of Einstein, of Mozart of high achievers in every field.

Here is the successful creativity strategy of Walt Disney:

Vc: imagine a possible creation without any critique, just fantasising

K: do the actions of making a first model 

Ad/Ad: critique it in various ways to find out if it will really work .

K:  complete the creation                  

NLP Trainer Robert Dilts taught the details of this strategy in a highly successful course with the top managers of the huge Fiat Corporation, to enhance their business creativity.

The N.L.P. developers studied strategies for excellent sports achievement, finding how successful athletes learned from each other:

V external: watch someone doing it

K: feel what it would feel like to do that

Vc: see yourself doing it, and see what you'd see through your eyes as you do it

K/K: test it out by doing it

KI: feel good about the success.

So, you can easily plan your success. Follow the steps of the described strategies. Record your answers. Check intermediate results and correct your way to triumph. 

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