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Shocking: Left-Right Hemispheric People

Study this picture

This is how our brains organized, biologically and intellectually.

The diagram above illustrates the richness of people with the right-hemispheric dominance.

Thanks to their unlimited potential of irrational energy, right-hemispheric people are talented, inventive, generous, genuinely friendly & sexy. They are capable of deep and natural emotions, feelings and sensations. Sometimes their own passion astonishes and frightens themselves.  In their presence, you feel nice, healthy, energetic, inspired, comfortable and easy.

People with left-hemispheric dominance have unlimited access to rational energy. This energy is good for thinking, academic learning, remembering facts and organizing information and business.

Due to their limited access to the irrational energy, these people often have to imitate feelings. They easily copy other people, their gestures and manners, choice of words and intonation to have satisfying communication or to be accepted and valued.

In the presence of right-hemispheric people, a left-hemispheric person often feels the urge to compete and to prove that they are also good. They can defy and challenge communication with abundance of information, pride for their deeds and victories.

If you are lucky to be born with right-hemispheric dominance and gain success in different areas, left-hemispheric people in your environments would feel envy towards you, though hiding it to the moment.

Pretending to be your friend, they would demonstrate some joy about your achievements and success, however not genuine. Telling you compliments and flattering you, some left-hemispheric people would gain your confidence. This friendly bridge of trust from your side, feeds them with the natural energy of your sincere emotions and feelings power and sexuality, they are not capable to experience.

This makes them sort of vampires, stealing your energy. Sad, but fact.

Left-hemispheric parents install their mind into their right-hemispheric kids, pretending “they gave you their soul.” Together with their own mentality, you get their system of believes. You fight this “gift” all your life.

Guess what your parents and caregivers do when they grow old and have no brilliant future of their own, especially when they are not loved?

Quite right!

They recall their “younger years” with you – nice & fully trusting them kid.

Guess what is happening in you, with their mentality and believes inside you?  

Yes, you have the feeling that your own vital energy is going in unknown direction.

You also have the feeling that somebody projects his or her thoughts and past events into your consciousness. You feel helpless and have problems with sleep, especially, when something foreign “talks” in your head at night.

This intruding into you consciousness information (some people call it “voice”) disturbs you and makes you restless. It interferes with your own thoughts. It makes you feel guilty or accuse yourself with sins and deeds you had never have committed.

The more you resist and fight against it, the more agitated and impatient you become.

The most awful thing about somebody else’s mind, beliefs and information presence in your consciousness is, that it serves the source of physical pain, be it headaches, spasms or problems with your heart, sexual system or legs. Your body cries for help!

If you recognize these ‘symptoms’ of foreign presence (mind, will and beliefs), or the feeling of your vital energy leaking, inspect your environments. Test your colleagues, friends and other close to you people for the hemispheric dominance. Do it delicately or with fun.

Usually, left-hemispheric people are not happy to find out about their left-brain dominance. They have to play games to conquer your attention and display themselves in favorable light in public. Some of them want to influence or dominate you. They try to command you and dictate what to do. If they fail, they can use even ‘black magic’ to harm you.

Right-hemispheric people are inborn leaders. They do not bother with influencing other people.

You may wonder where this information about types of people with different brains specification comes from.

Firstly, from personal experience of a right-hemispheric individual brought up by not friendly left-hemispheric parents and relatives.

Secondly, from scientific research . Every week I read dozens of articles, published in world famous scientific journals.

Thirdly, from records I keep during professional psychological consulting (in private addictions clinics, child development center and private practice)

It took me years to get rid of foreign installation, will and values; physical pain and tension as the result of influence.

I developed a special method to purify mind from foreign mentality and values, consciousness, intelligence and body from other people’s influences. If you need it, write to me at

In reality, this method is part of a bigger program “Your Fabulous Life & Health”. This program aims at both types of people.

It consists of
1. Set of fantastic concepts and unknown information about human beings
2. Purification process
3. Your ideal life creation

Unfortunately, I have so little time now and I am behind my own schedules.

I was invited by Global Art Agency to take part at the International Art Fair in Barcelona (Spain, Friday 12th - Saturday 13th Dec 2014) with my artworks. This is a nice priority.

After the exhibition, I will go to ski in Italy. After that, I will go to Rome to listen to “Aida” - my favorite opera by Verdi, ticket is booked already. And then, I meet my colleagues from different countries.

Life is fabulous!

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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