Friday, October 24, 2014

Kisses, Love & Pleasure

At the moments of highest tenderness, loving each other people touch each others’ lips. Their souls merge in one big wonderful feeling…

Very often lovers do not remember what was going on at this period of kiss. Our nature releases endorphins and other lovely substances in blood, inner liquids of body and brain. Loving each other people experience a wonderful feeling of good, euphoria and easiness often associated with flight.

When they part, there appears the longing for each other, akin to the addictive urge to have more.

Nobody knows when kissing appeared. In Ancient Egypt, people would rub noses against each other as the highest expression of lovely feelings.

This ritual is still practiced nowadays among Malaysians, Eskimos and Polynesians.

In China people did not kiss each other, until they saw how Europeans did it with pleasure.

In the Middle Ages if a man in Italy would kiss and embrace publically a woman, he was obliged to marry her. The European tradition of kissing in both cheeks is still popular. Such kisses are nothing but the act of pure politeness or expression of friendliness.

During loving kiss

  • our organisms become charged with fresh energy;
  • adrenalin is injected in both lovers simultaneously;
  • body and brain cells are saturated with oxygen;
  • glucocorticoid – enzyme preventing stress appearance - is being released.

Never part with beloved people! You can always kiss their lips, faces, bodies with intimate parts even at a distance, caressing their lovely image in the air, right in front of you.

Love will deliver them these beautiful sensations… 

We kiss and caress only those people, whom we love sincerely.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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