Saturday, October 4, 2014

Biking: Learning, Fear & Challenges

Natalia Levis-Fox, me happy

We had plenty of rainy days, so my training in Bike Academy was interrupted.

It seemed that for this period the body forgot previous short-term skills. May be not. There came fear, blocking smoothness in succession of riding actions.

My trainer Anton, being a racer himself, urged to go on, trying again and again. He reminded me about the spirit of every good sportsman: keep doing, until satisfying success.

With biking, it is something different, especially if you are a woman. Generally, fear exists in each of us. It protects us from dying. On the other hand, we were not born just for eating and sexual reproduction, right?

Overcoming fear is the silliest thing in the world, as it comes from one source: our past experience.  It means that it fear originated from already used, “second-hand” energy. So you have got to find other sources of fresh and inspiring energy.

You know, woman’s mind is flexible and inventive. While we were talking with Anton about sports in general and brain’s executive action systems, there suddenly appeared a very nice idea in my mind. 

I remembered the pleasure and drive when wearing my black and elegant

and very sexy Le Monti’ high-heeled shoes

I have been wearing ‘Le Monti’ shoes for many years, changing models. They are very comfortable and beautiful. 

So, I named Anton’s bike ‘Monti’. There came the boost of fresh energy and drive.

This is a very good principle: to name your car, jet, bike, helicopter, cart, etc with your favorite something or somebody, and loving energy will supply you with courage, drive, pleasure, etc.

Challenges make us better,

Natalia Levis-Fox

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