Sunday, July 5, 2015

Caucasus: Camomiles Meadows in the Wild

July is the time when wild camomiles are blossoming on high plateaus in Caucasus.

So, this morning we went to these wonderful huge fields of flowers

They are situated only 55 km from home

My Spanish dog accompained us as a guard and reliable friend.

The space in this area is filled with

Divine fragrance… Soft caressing wind

Birds’ chattering

Eagles are floating high in the skies, enjoyng the air streams…

Even the dog felt the atmosphere of beautiful nature, sniffing plants and air

Along these wild fields of flowers and smelly plants, there runs a water stream,

Making a small waterfall near the road.
I have noticed, the more beautiful is the wild place in Caucasus,
The sweeter is the purest water…

On the way back we discovered a new avia club.

This is AN-2, Russian bi-plane, old-fashioned, but reliable as hell…

People bought aircrafts and heliciplters

Next week-end, if the weather is fine, I will fly with instructor on this


over these beautiful plateaus
So my dream is coming true!

I never pick wild camomiles.

They are for admiration!


on the fireplace I put camomiles

From my garden

Life is wonderful…
What do you think?
Natalia Levis-Fox

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