Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nice method: Where Is Your Sex Desire?

1. Stand on the highway of erotic love. It is right under your feet now and always!
2. Ask the question: “Where is my sex desire now?”

3. Answer it. Your sex desire, i.e.erotic love will immediately bring you mentally to the person, who is your real biological match

4. Ask another question: “Where is hers/his sex desire now?”

5. The answer may come in the form of pleasant sensations from their love organ… body… hands… and lips…

The more often you ask these questions, the less personal problems would disturb you.

P.S. You might experience erotic love to several partners. Why not?

When you are sexually satisfied or aroused, you are 100% alive!

The more you know about intimate relationships and opposite sex preferences, the better love partner you are!

The information about you as a sex partner is literary outflowing from your body. It is perceived on the unconscious level by the opposite sex people as the fact about you though hidden sex mind…

Did you know about it?

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Have a pleasant weekend…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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