Monday, July 13, 2015

Self-Love: Good or Painful?

Today we shall discuss a very important topic. It is Self-Love.

How do you understand it?

‘Love-Itself’ or ‘Your Personal Love to Yourself’?

I.  ‘Love-Itself’

If you understand it ‘Love-Itself’, then you live by the the healthiest function of the wonderful universe we live in.

Because ‘Love-Itself’ is the abstract energy, rich in shades, states, natural feelings and expressions are coming and vibrating from the purest source of life.

In this meaning Love is:

Affection, friendship, kindness, tenderness, delight, pleasure, fondness, liking, attachment, patriotism, sentimentality, desire, erotism, lust, admiration, passion, etc

You experience these feelings and states spontaneously and freely,
  • according to current situation,
  • without fear to be misinterpreted, misunderstood or
  • being judged by somebody else.

When you live by wonderful love from the universe, you do not need anybody else’s love, special attention, approval, admiration, respect, etc.

You are loved, valued, admired, appreciated naturally by people around you!

II.  ‘Your Personal Love to Yourself’

This is the case when you fall into love with yourself.

Metaphorically, it reminds the ‘snake sucking its tale’

Some people even wear snake bracelets,
unconsciously reinforcing its principle

This ‘yourself’ is the core of ‘Ego’, which had been formed at the time, when you were not loved the way you needed it most. Usually it referred to childhood…

At that time you were hurt, disbelieved, not valued. It was the period of self-doubts and low self-esteem. At first, it was sort of ‘Self-Pity’ to soften the unpleasant effects. Then it turned into ‘Self-Love’. You learned to value and love yourself, approve your own success, actions and points of view. But you do it in private! In public, you often demonstrate yourself and your skills to be valued and admired.

In other words, you show yourself to advantage, using childish strategies: ’Look at me!”

You secretly criticized other people. This criticism bears a positive, protective function, i.e. to push away unfavorable attitudes from the people you disliked.

This hidden from others ‘Self-Love’ people keep in their


or bodies

blocking your healthy potential...

‘Self-Love’ is the sticky, unmovable or fixed energy of the secondary or‘second order’.

As far as it is of not natural origin, it needs to be fed! If you do not cherish it, it talks… at the time of your relaxation.

It disturbs you by raising on surface of your consciousness with all sorts of trash of the past

…biting you…
...poisoning your moods…

Even worse, if you do not live by the comforting energy of your own psyche and mind, this Ego gets installed inside of your physical body (on the biological level), in the form of proteins.

These second-order (not natural) proteins are the origin of physical chronic pain!

In time, this Ego develops its own consciousness of failures, bad moods, suspiciousness, fears, doubts and other most horrible things you are confronted since childhood.

Does this Ego contain real energy of Love? Can it feed you with comfort and pleasant moods?

What can be done to live a healthy satisfying life, the way it suits you?

1. Find solutions in the books of of the authors you trust and follow their programs
2. To order time with me and get rid of childish traces. I do not use Skype and consult people either by email or by telephone. Languages: English, Russian, sometimes French. My consultations are expensive.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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