Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Homeless Animals: Sad Story with Happy End

The homeless kitten was going along the street
And it was crying silently…
Mangy, with sick paw and dangling tail,
With tears trembling in the unhappy eyes…
And nobody would notice it.
And if they did, they would growl or threaten kitten with a stick.
And it would run away…
And it would sadly think: "I'm so ugly”
“Who will take me to their home?”
So it went, along the edge of road.
And all of a sudden, he saw two big feet in boots.
In mortal fear, the kitten closed its eyes.
The man leaned over and said:
"So handsome!”
“Just have a look!”
“What lovely ears!”
“Will you go with me?”
“I will be very glad!”
“I do not promise a palace.”
“But I will give you milk with a sausage.”
“And I will treat you as a prince!”
The man bent down and stretched out his palm.
He took the kitten,
Then looked up at the sky,
Thinking, the rain had started suddenly.
And in his hands
The kitten was crying with happiness…

In three months…

Read this story to your children. Discuss it with them. You will immediately notice the good human feelings coming out of them. We cannot be human without comappsion...

P.S. Somebody sent me this story in the form of a poem in Russian, knowing that I would publish it in the big world. I made the translation, corresponding to the meaning of each line.

To be human is so wonderful!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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