Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stained Glass Effect: Art for Home with Your Own Hands

Natalia Levis-Fox. Iris. Decorative panel.
Stained glass paints. Fine Art America Gallery. Sold

Each of use has a huge potential for beautiful things creation. When we decorate our homes with stunning handmade things, we enlighten it with our own love warmth. This in turn, organizes the energy of comfort and lovely beingness for you and your family.

Faded photos and old prints on the walls, especially with jumping wild animals (ex tigers), produce gloomy or frightening effects.  

How can you decorate your home with charming artworks?

With your own hands!
By creating your own artworks out of glass and stained glass paints.

Firstly, go and buy a box with stained glass paints. Then you will discover the design and the form of your decorative artwork.

Secondly, buy a glass and frame for keeping photos.

When you bring them home, you will immediately want to paint!

Abstract design

The easiness of abstract design is in its ability to express your feelings. Stained glass paints allow you to experiment without hesitation… More than that, according to neaurobiological research, abstract design resonates with our visual and kinaesthetic cortex to bring in comfort, relaxation and nice moods… You are never tired, when scanning bright abstract design with your eyes and feelings.

Just apply the paints on the glass in fantastic disorder. Then, after drying, you will fix the surface with transparent polish. In two days your artwork will be ready!

Of course, walls are to be painted snow-white, so that your artwork would play with with joy, warmth and your talents.

Here are some ideas from my house. I did not plan to become an artist, exhibited in Europe and USA. I just wanted to decorate home with elegant things.


1. I made two equal in size vitrages for the niches in my bathroom. Behind them, inside the niches, simple electric lamps are shining all the time. So, when you enter the bathroom at darkness, you receive the comforting beautiful lights…

2. The bigger niche panel

My house was built only 14 years ago, so there were many opportunities for creating lovely space with flimsy things.

Natalia Levis-Fox. “Miracles Interplay”. Glass panel for niche.
NoBullArt Gallery, USA

The niche itself in the process of painting walls


3. Initially, my home office was on the ground floor. I painted the door in the form of mosaic. For this design the combination of acrylic and stained glass paints was used.

When the first floor was ready, 

I arranged my office there in one of the rooms.

The light metal door without glass I painted in multicolored manner.

Glass Objects and Lamps

4. Lamp in the kitchen

A very simple design of wild flowers I love

5. Bottle for spices

Exposed at NoBullArt Gallery (USA)

6. Crystal cube for candles

With a small candle burning inside of it, there is an awesome interplay of colors dancing in the space.

These are 7 basic concepts of how you can decorate your home, using stained glass paints. If your home is comparatively big as mine (136 square meters on two floors), all your artworks will never interfere with each other. On the contrary, they will enforce your individuality and creativity to make your home welcoming and lovely…

Just dare!

I will gladly publish your art here, in this blog, with readers from 49 countries.

Natalia Levis-Fox

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