Saturday, July 18, 2015

Caucasus: Chegem. Thermal Lake. Waterfalls

July is the time of alpine meadows blossoming in the mountains.

The heat fires delicious smells all over Chegem canyon. And you understand, you are in the center of paradise.

Yesterday we went to this magnificent place 

to bathe in a small, hidden from tourists’ eyes thermal lake.

The healing mineral water is pouring out earth. Its temperature is warm and comforting all the year round.

The lake’s level keeps stable, as the extra water from the spring flows into

the roaring river nearby

Emerald green forests and grass caress your eyes

The narrowest part of the Chegem canyon attracts tourists.

It is situated deep down, between plateaus.

The purest water is falling down from green plateaus

all over the place

Sunlight and tiny water drops are pouring from the skies,

creating the atmosphere of happiness and delight

It is me, living in this wonderful world of beauty and freedom

Have a nice day!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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