Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nice Method: Smile in Your Head

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To clear energy blocks from your mind-brain system,

switch on your favorite song or melody with ‘hot’ rhythms and

stick a smile

to some ‘problem’ zone in your head (ex, where smth ‘talks’, aches, frightens you). You can draw a smile with your finger on the head.

This smile will be removing unpleasant or bothering you energy from your head and clearing space for something nice. It fill your head with sweet energy…

To keep this lovely & funny process going, just touch this place often thoughout the day or even draw this smile with your finger. Nobody will notice your actions but you playful moods will be vivid to your colleagues!

As a variant to music, you can ‘stick’ a smile on your head with laughing amusing sounds from my website page “Healing Humor”

P.S. All healing methods from my books, website and this blog are mine. They changed life quality for better to a great number of people.

Have a nice day with fun!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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