Friday, July 24, 2015

Quote: Who Matters in Your Life?

This is a very wise idea. In fact, it opens your eyes to yourself as personality and people in your private & social environments.


By simple checking.

If this is true for you.

I consider playing with brilliant ideas as intellectual entertainment. And I always test them.

As for “guidance”, I discovered that I never allow anybody neither to guide or command me.

As for “people who inspire you”, I just asked a question:

“Who inspires me?”

To my biggest surprise, I discovered only 3 people!

- A friend of mine, a woman in whose company I feel fine. We can talk for hours about culture, arts, literature, science and all those women’s issues as clothes, home design, etc, as well as usual things and challenges we face everyday.

- My colleague, a man with the best classical psychological education. He comes to me 2 or 3 times a year for healing himself and to answer very complex questions, which interest him.

- The best man in the world.

You know what?

I discovered that I never criticize these three amazing people.


As I take them the way they are, irrelevant to their deeds, words or other things they prefer to express…

Though I know hundreds of people, these three persons inspire me for the best.

When you check your environments, you will discover even more surprising things about your relationships and people.

Who knows?

I would like to add something very important.

New attractive concepts and the process of their personal testing – are nice and quick methods for enriching our lives and finding satisfying solutions.

That is why you come and read the articles in this blog!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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