Friday, July 24, 2015

Sex Life: How Women Classify Men

Women, as you suspected, have their own classification for men in intimate relationships, called simply ‘sex’. Here are some types:

I.  Best Lovers. Very Rare Type. These are men with the highest level of sexuality, strength and intelligence. They have very good human qualities. They are generous, with a nice sense of humor. They are risky and naturally tender at the same time. They do not talk in bed and yet, they call their partners with pleasant names, causing every woman to feel good, desired and fantastically beautiful…

II.  Fuckers. Sex Machines. These are men with the highest level of testosterone. In fact, they are overfilled with it. This in turn, blocks their emotional intelligence. They are Self-admires and never bother with their partners’ feelings, sex preferences and human qualities. Actually, they are personally blind to their partners. They are dominators in every sphere of social life, sex including. In other words, this type of men is incapable to deliver real physical pleasure to women.

III.  Mixed Type. Combining qualities of the first two types, described above. If they meet a very sexy and intelligent woman with understanding of their mind and nature, they automatically behave as Type One, i.e. Best Lover. In other cases, they just dominate for their own sex satisfaction.

IV.  Talkative Lovers. Usually these are men with low level of Self-confidence or a small love organ.

V.  Mediocre. Dull Type of men in every sphere of life, intimate relationships including. As a rule, they are “good husbands”, obedient to their women, mothers and colleagues. This type of men is eager to please. They have rich erotic imagination, but sex with them is as dull, as their personality, so are women’s body sensations.

Each type of man is needed. In other words, women choose the man according to their own requests and life demands.

You are what type?

Natalia Levis-Fox

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