Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quote: High Quality Life Attracts High Quality People

Have you ever thought about it?

I mean high quality relationships with interesting people.

How many interesting people do you have in your environments?

I mean interesting people to you, personally.

These are intelligent people who are competent in other spheres of life, different from yours?

I mean people, who contribute into your own wellness, curiosity and intelligence.

Did you count many of them in your social life?

I mean people, who value you as personality, more than your professionalism.

I mean people, who have the same fantastic sense of humor, as yours.

I mean people, who are really and sincerely happy about your success and achievements.

I mean people, who (like you) have and spend money as the additional means to entertain at the highest scale.

I mean people, who can understand your problems and find extraordinary solutions for you wellness.

Do you live an interesting and high quality life?

I know you do!

And, all the articles you read in this blog are devoted to your high quality life and enrichment of your beautiful personality with knowledge…

With respect,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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